Do you have parts on your Build of Material (BOM) that are single sourced? Are you experiencing less than satisfactory customer service from a single sourced supplier? Is your whole build in jeopardy if a single sourced component doesn’t arrive when your supplier says it will? Are you experiencing 8, 10, 12 week or even longer lead times. Do you have a build on hold because of a single sourced component that you’re just waiting for your ship to come in… Literally?

If you answered yes to just one of the questions above, ACS would love to go to work for you. Our unique partnerships throughout the electromechanical component industry allow us to be more responsive and offer lower lead times than most of the manufacturers in this space. We have a full team of engineers here in the United States who understand your needs. They work hand in hand with our full-time overseas sourcing engineers to get you real time answers without having to “wait until I can get a response from the factory”

We work around the clock to make sure that you have the answers and the components that you need for your business to be the best it can be. With our unique partnerships we don’t work for the factories, we are not sales reps or distributors. We work for you! Your best interest is our best interest. Let us go to work for you today.